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You Can Be a Mom and a Wife, and Still Have a Sexy, Satisfied, Turned On Life

Get my free guide to:

  • Rediscover yourself
  • Reconnect with your post-baby body
  • Reignite the spark in your relationship, instantly

Get my free guide to:

  • Rediscover yourself
  • Reconnect with your post-baby body
  • Reignite the spark in your relationship, instantly

Some people say the nicest things!

Praise for Dana

“Going through the Mommy Mojo Makeover workshop with Dana sincerely felt like a one-on one experience. Now, I’m making myself a priority, and taking the necessary steps to get there! I’m already feeling more confident, noticed, and less like a shadow in the crowd. I’ll be re-visiting my lessons learned from Dana anytime I’m in a slump. Thank you for sharing, caring, and taking the time to help a mommy out!”

“Through working with Dana I’ve gained a lot more than my mojo! It’s definitely helped me to communicate better with not just my husband, but also my friends and co-workers. I’ve learned how to ask for what I want directly without beating around the bush!”

"Dana brings taste and class into your boudoir - all wonderfully tied up in pink ribbon. Her graceful enthusiasm is contagious and encouraging."

You have brought hope back into my love life! After having my kids my sex drive went out the door… I don’t even like looking in the mirror…. And hate the way my body feels. When I watched your video, I sat there and cried. Not bad tears, but tears that I didn’t feel alone in what I was feeling! And that I could make things better! Hopeful tears! You knew just how to empower, motivate and encourage me. I went out that next weekend and bought myself some sexy shorts and a bra, and confidently put it on for my hubby. He gave me that special smile, the way he looked at me made me feel so much better about myself. What you are doing, please keep doing it!”

I was so stuck in my daily routine with my toddlers, that I completely forgot about my love life. When I started going through Dana’s workshop, it became painfully obvious that a giant part of marriage was being neglected and needed to be revived. Not just for my husband… but for ME! Sex and having a romantic connection is such a fun part about marriage, so why do soooo many of us rank it so low on the to-do list?! Dana’s advice made sex & my relationship fun again!”

“The program that Dana has created allows women to open up about what is or isn’t going on within their love lives. It teaches you how to experience pleasure, and feel sexy, which in turn makes them more self confident and satisfied. It empowers you to take their sensuality into you own hands and realize that you are a priority. It provides new ideas and reassurance that no matter what your age or relationship status, you have the power and ability to feel sexy and self confident. Very thankful to be a part of it!!

"Thanks for the fabulous Mommy Mojo Makeover Party. You made us feel sexy and girly at the same time!"

“Dana’s advice has given my relationship a complete turn around. It re-birthed that element of discovery and newness that often fades in longer-term relationships. It made me more acutely aware of my wants, needs, sexuality, and confidence – and gave me the tools to express that to my husband. These skills have translated not just into my relationship, but other areas of my life as well. Thank you, Dana!”

“Dana’s advice has helped me get through a really rough time. Now, I feel this year could be the best year of my life. I am feeling more confident, have let go a lot of my insecurities, smile a lot more, accentuate my assets with makeup, and wear cute outfits and heels because I want to be seen. No more hiding and covering “flaws” for me! Now, I have a look that turns heads!

"Dana - a fearless leader and smoking-hot mom-of-two with striking hazel eyes and a shock of dark curly hair — certainly knows her sultry stuff."

“Before I had children, I used to talk about (and have) sex all the time! It was such a relief to be able to re-ignite that conversation with not only my husband, but other moms as well. Dana’s advice has helped my relationship and sex life tremendously! Dana’s honesty, openness, and candid sharing has helped me to re-discover my sensual self.

I used to be confident, I just had to remember, and you helped me do just that. As I got further into the program, I felt better and better and was healing in so many ways. You helped me learn to love the parts of my body that I previously hated. You helped me bring my own confidence back, and gave me the permission to let go of my insecurities about my sexiness and sensuality.

"Thanks Dana for such a great time. You ROCK!"

“I came to Dana because I realized that I’d lost myself while looking after this wonderful little human being. I didn’t want to lose who I am, as a mother, wife, and woman. Now, I’ve got my self-confidence back, and have opened all the doors to a better life in all my roles. I am more in touch with myself, my partner, and my child!

Talking with Dana is like talking with a girlfriend. I greatly appreciate her detailed responses and advice, and will apply it daily – even in my lowest moments. One step at a time! Thank you for all you do, and the love and support you share with all of us.